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April 11, 2007


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The problem with Vista was that it was released too soon before proper testing was done and before all bugs were fixed. I think it was released to the public too soon and ended up being a failure for Microsoft. Many drivers and tools which worked fine for the prior Windowx XP did not work with Vista, which created a big inconvenience for those who upgraded their system. Great work on explaining how to share printers using Windows Vista. I guess that the whole point of the problem was the operating system itself, and Microsoft eventually solved many problems by launching the much better Windows 7 operating system.



For some reason, my printer (running from an XP machine in another room) suddenly stopped printing and I kept getting the error "windows cannot connect to the printer" and the error code 0x00000100. It'd been working fine for years via a share on Network Magic and I'd no idea what caused it to suddenly stop working. I've been trying everything for the last two days and stumbled across this solution which worked a treat! Thanks :-)

Refurbished xp Computers

I just stumbled upon your blog after reading your blog posts wanted to say thanks.i highly appreciate the blogger for doing this effort.


I have no idea why this works but it did!!! Thank you very much.


can u help me with this situation. My friend gave me a HPPhotosmart C3135 printer and it is a windows XP Vista program but it wont connect to my windows 2007 computer. How do I downlad what I need and get it working or will I have to buy the software


The topic covered is very well done. I was referred here by a friend, thanks to him i bookmarked along with http://www.rapidmediafire.com which has some good topics.


I have tried a few variations of this solution which has worked for many people who have a machine using Vista and wish to network to a printer bound by USB to a machine running XP, and all variations have failed.

I would consider myself an intermediate-low advanced home user, but do not have much experience networking printers, especially locally; this being said, the above solution has not worked for me.


THANK YOU!!!! This worked like a charm! Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!!!


Was really helfull, worked just as you said, thank you!


Thanks a bunch. I had to uninstall what I had setup but when I redid it all, it works well!!

used computers

I searched for a solution and tried every recommendation without success but I always got the same problem.


My word 2007 operate in windows 7 hang immediately as i click print. Your method work flawlessly. Thanks alot


Fantastic! After 2 days of messing with this your solution worked like a charm! Thanks.


tak boleh pakai la.....



This is so stupid, but it works! Thanks!

Samsung ML 1610

I think I need to read through your comments again, I tried everything you said and I have a feeling my AVG firewall is the problem.. How much of a difference will a firewall make?

Pio Caesare

You are a god, thank you.

One note, your instructions worked for me until I needed to enter \\computer_name\shared_printer_name

To make it work, I had to do the following instead.

1) Shut down my firewall program
2) Go to my Windows XP computer
3) Start button
4) Run
5) Type "cmd" in the box
6) Type "ipcong"
7) Write down my IP Address (192.xx.xx.xx)
8) Type "exit"
9) Start button
10) Settings
11) Control Panel
12) Printers and Faxes
13) Click on the Sharing tab
14) Write down the exact name of the printer shown there. (Important note: the printer name was slightly different from what was showing up on my Windows Vista PC after I installed the drivers per the article above.

After this, I was able to go to my Windows Vista machine where I left off and type \\192.xx.xx.xx\HP LaserJet 1300

(Note that where I put 192.xx.xx.xx you will enter the numbers you found in step 7.

Thank you again, I initially tried to connect to the printer by unjoining my domain and joining my home workgroup and this destroyed my User Profile and it took me 10 hours to get it back. DO NOT UNJOIN YOUR DOMAIN AND JOIN YOUR WORKGROUP as you will lose all of your user settings, icons, favorites in IE, etc.


thanks .. it worked in windows 7 too..


This fix worked for me. This is awesome. I have been attempting for months to get this too work and finally in 5 minutes I had this working. This was exactly what I needed.

Neil A.

Why has nobody sorted this out before now. I list myself with the other searchers for answers. A Million thanks!


I too must add a SUPER-DUPER thanks for this post. I had a Vista and XP Vmware setup and needed to print from XP to a printer in Vista. It works both ways and should do it on the 1st try as well.

Mrs. Wilson

This is so awesome! I have been trying everything possible to get this to work. And just as I was about to give up and buy a print server, I found this article. It worked perfectly on the FIRST try! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Kevin G

After banging my head against the wall for a few hours trying to get a Canon MF4100 working on a network, I found this fix and my problem was solved less than 5 minutes later.

I thought the problem might be Windows Home related but Vista Business and XP Home SP3 network fine together and now I can print from either computer. Thanks.


I have no clue what i am doing, and this did not help me...i get to the point where your susposed to add a local printer, the Lpt1 port thing...and then a screen comes up with a lot of printers. I try looking for my printer but its not even listed. Its a lexmark 730 series, and its not even on the lexmar list. Why is this happening?


Absolutely work for me, Thank you very much! :)


Thanks You. This works for me. I have been trying to fix this problem for at least two months.




Usually, if your underlying network is configured properly, this fix works fine. I suspect that there is something not configured right on this one PC. Why don't you turn off your firewall (both 3rd party and Windows in case they are both on) and see if it starts to work.




I've done everything as suggested above and I'm still unable to print from the Vista laptop. It shows the printer on the laptop and I've shared the printer on the XP wired computer. I'm able to ping the XP computer from the laptop and vice versa, but I still show the documents to print as spooling on the laptop. The biggest frustration is I have another Vista laptop that I've followed the same steps with and it worked. Any suggestions?

Sandip Shah

I am pretty sure, the way you wrote up things up but I am not very good at computer, could you please email (ssshah_4@yahoo.com)little bit more detail, how to fix sharing printer problem in vista.
I have pc desktop with hp printer and would like to share that printer with vista laptop computer. I installed HP XP cd on desktop computer and vista HP cd on laptop computer, stil did not work,please, please suggest. Thanks a bunch in advance, Sandip


Thank you:-))))))


priter installed in vista locally when i install that printer from network in another vista computer
it is work only one day for next day i must install that share printer again from network


Dear I instaalled the printer in windows xp locally
when i install that printer in windows vista from network it is work for few time or one or print after some time it is not working

mark mchugh


This has been driving me freaking crazy for months!!!!

Thanks a million. Wishing only good things for you!


Its just excellent tip .

Guys just try this its usefull.
Before doing it just make sure that you have downloaded the win vista drivers of that particular printer model.

I was getting problems with connection to a Samsung printer on a XP box. Vista was complaining about insufficient memory but now its fixed.


Thank you for this most helpful post!


Thank you so much. I've had the problem for a while and now it's fixed.

NOTE: Don't use CAPS when typing the port name because it gave me an error each time a tried it.


It kept wanting me to install the vista drivers on my XP machine that was sharing the printer, but this worked - THANKS!!


Thank you! this really solve my problem. Finally my Vista can print at Xp. Thank you!


Todd: Your suggestion to change the name of the XP PC to its IP address has solved the 'network path not found' problem for me. Thanks to you and the original poster for the help!

Ralh Alcala

Thank God for people like you all.
The Fix works great and please keep up the good work.
Thanks again for your help.


This was wonderful, I am 67 yrs. old and was able to follow all the directions. Thank you very very much.


Thanks so much for this! I've been trying to fix this for my son's computer for quite some time and school starts tomorrow so I'm thrilled that it is working! Excellent advice!


Yes! Finally the bluming thing prints!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Mark Ochigue

works on 98 machines with shared printers too!



Sir, I salute your Vista-mongering skills. Hurrah!


This worked great, thank you!


This worked for me (some other work-arounds didn't). Many thanks

omg it works

That did it! Thanks a bunch!

printer problem guy

It worked! Thank you!

David Gray

Printer Sharing Problem in Windows Vista - worked like a charm! We are not worthy..

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