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February 15, 2008


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Great article but it didn't have everything-I didn't find the kicthen sink!


FINALLY after 1 year of trying to connect my comcast e-mail account to my ipod touch. THANK YOU!!! GREAT information


fixed my email problem. thanks


Took two minutes to fix my I-phone e-mail issue, you're awesome

Martin Rosen

My screen did not show as indicated. could it be that my touch, (4th generation) is different then the one used?


Clarence S. McClure

Help me! Can't get it to work.


Some years later - it still works. Thanks so much - I really appreciate the time you spent putting this together.

Bicycle Racks

Well now, I was searching for blogs on fitness or health when i came across this post. Although not exactly what I was expecting I will give it ****.


worked for me, thanks.


Awesome, thanks so much! This worked perfectly!

S. Wright

After spending 30 minutes on the phone with Comcast to no avail, my husband suggested I Google my question. I came up with your clear instructions, made the appropriate changes (outgoing server 465), and I now have working email sending and receiving. Thank you soooooo much.


Thank you. Your information was a life saver.


I've been hunting for a fix to this problem via comcast, apple and friends. You made me very happy - I just wish the technical writers would document their user manuals better!
Thank you!!!


Thank you soo much. You saved me so much time and headache. I would have never been able to set this up without your help.

Dianne Percy

Can't believe I am still having the same problem as others have described above. I'm posting on January 30th, 2010....can't get all messages from my Comcast account on my iPod Touch. When I do get the one or two every few days, once I read and delete them, they STILL show up on my desktop. Any ideas?

Also, is the Outgoing Server Setting still 465? Thanks.


Thanks for the help and I needed to change the password in both incoming and outgoing mail to both get and receive mail


Thank you, thank you!! this worked after weeks of trying to send email or responses out but to no avail. I can now use it to receive and SEND emails.

Ditto to many of the positive replies above.


Thanks man, I been having this problem for quite some time.


Two thumbs up!


This is a very helpful blog on how to configure Gmail in your iPhone or iPod touch.http://read-me-dot-text.blogspot.com/2009/08/how-to-get-gmail-on-iphone-or-ipod.html.


Thanks. This was great - it worked. I had given up trying to make it work.


It worked great I thought changing the server port to 465. But I only get a few emails, yet I receive tens more on my computer email that people send me. Does anyone know why I would only get one once in a while on itouch? Like today and the last 4-5 days, I have not received one email. I have Comcast.

Ed Casey

Many thanks for this information and the posted comments. I easily set up the Ipod Touch to receive comcast email when I got the device but could not get the config right to send email--until this thread.

The key pieces of information for me were: 1) Delete the current Touch mail account; 2) Add the account; and, 3) Set the smtp port to 465.

Again, many thanks.


Thank you! I've been tearing my hair out over this, but all I had to do was change the port setting. I didn't see that info anyplace else. I hate Outlook, and on my PC I use thunderbird... but it's working now!

Mr Jones

Thanks a million. Now I can use my ipod instead of my pc and my pocket pc to send and recieve emails where ever I go since I can use my cell phone as a router. I was able to send messages with not problem too.


Perfect - all it required was changing the Server Port settings to those you listed. Thanks a million


thanks! worked right away

jo jones

still having problems... recieving mail fine but no luck with sending... Not sure what else I can do. Any ideas pls?


I got your comment tonight. You may want to check the spelling of your outgoing server.

“connection to outgoing server stmp.aol.com failed”

SMTP stands for simple message transfer protocol. Either you made a typo or entered the smtp server incorrectly. It should be smtp.aol.com.

If you have access to other email accounts on other services, you can try using an alternative server for outgoing mail, i.e., smtp.comcast.net.

Please check and let me know.


My itouch is recieving emails, but it will not let me send them. I use aol mail, but when I send mail it says connection to outgoing server stmp.aol.com failed. Will you please help me?


Thanks - worked - instructions were easy to follow

Rachel Pugh

It was very usful,


Worked for me!!!!! Thanks so much.


finally! this worked great, thanks so much!!!!!


Just followed your advice on my wife's new iPod Touch. Although some of the screens were slightly different from above it worked out great. Thanks so much!


THANK YOU very much...worked like a charm!

Mike P.

It worked! I spent 1.5 hours myself! It's a shame I didn't find your comments before now. Thank you for the great help!!!


these instructions are great. i am an apple tech support agent and these instructions are a big help when i'm on the phones. thank you very much!


Ipod touch setup for comcast.net, go thru the setup and advanced settings.calling comcast is a waste of time. after weeks of trying I can new receive email




I've been hearing a bit about problems like yours lately. My Touch is working fine with the settings in my article. Most likely, you are located someplace different than me. So, you many want to check with Comcast for any port changes that they may have made in your area. I strongly recommend deleting your existing account setup and starting fresh. Make sure that your username and password are correct - easiest way to verify is to setup on a PC/MAC. I know that it sounds basic, but we all forget sometimes. Good luck and let me know what you do to eventually solve this.


I cannot send any outgoing email via Comcast on my ipod touch. I've been at it for hours and tried the fix here. Didn't work. Have tried a variety of Port numbers, none of them work.
This is very frustrating.


Comcast is being mute about a change they have made.the new incoming server is sz-pop.mail.comcast.net port 110 for the Denver area.per the 2 cs's I spoke with the smtp has not changed from smtp.comcast.net but they list port 485 not 465. I have not been able to send from my touch for 3 days, can receive.


Do these settings still hold as of Sept 08? With the new iPod Touch 2G? I was getting/receiving mail just fine, but now it's suddenly stopped (though I can still get mail via my MacIntosh computer...so I know it's not because Comcast is down.)



I have the same issue as chris from July 20, 2008, when deleting from the iPod touch, it doesn't delete from Comcast Acct.


Fantastic! It finally works!! Tks.


It works. Very helpful!

Thank you!



Tremendous ! Thank you very much.

E. Murphy

You are a God send. I have had the iPod Touch since January - went to the Apple store, called Comcast, posted a note on Facebook, etc. No one knew the answer! I followed your steps and in five minutes actually sent an e-mail for the first time - and it's July! I was about to abandon Comcast for Yahoo. Thank you!


The issue I have is when I delete something from my Ipod Touch, it does not delete it from my Comcast account?

Catherine Patler

thanks for your help! worked great!!!

consider it fixed!

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