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December 21, 2008


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LastPass.com is what you are looking for. It works in IE and Firefox and both platforms. It isn't as robust as RoboForm and 1Password but they are actively developing it. I am a die-hard RoboForm fan and really love 1Password on the Mac as well. I've had to move to LastPass for the cross-browser cross-platform support. I wish RoboForm would make a Mac version or 1Password a Windows version.

Steve Weisman

I have been using Splash ID for years, first on my Palm-based PDA's and now on my iPhone. For other iPhone users, you may recall, that in the first generation security and a passward manager were a major deficiency. With iPhone 2.0 and later software, SplashID has come back on the scene. It is not as sophisticated as Roboform in integrating into your browser, but it does the trick. I use both the iPhone and destktop apps. Synchronizing is seamless.

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