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February 12, 2009


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BLESS YOU ALL! You just saved me numerous hours in computer repair time and/or the unnecessary expense of a new laptop. I have been down for 3-4 days but just repaired it myself, thanks to all of you!!


Thank you very much dude..It is working fine with your trick.....


I came up with a solution less fancy and complicated, i created an alternate network in my router and assigned static ip's to it... From there just setup a valid static ip to your computer, check for the dns address and the network gateway in your router, and voila'... Works like a charm, I still get the red x, but regardless, my computer still connects and works at full speed,if you know of any issues arising when connecting like this, let me know, cause i haven't had any...

Cats whiskers

Thank you. Just thank you!


I work for a major computer repair company and have seen this issue countless times. I have also tried the many "fixes" found online all to no avail and have often resorted to restoring client's computers. I honestly haven't even tried your fix yet but it has got to be the most thorough fix I have found and I just wanted to say thank you. I'm pretty confident that between your article and some of the comments this will be a nonissue from now on.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I had to follow all of the above steps, also had to download and transfer per sd card and then cmd shift/ctrl/enter

netsh winsock reset catalog

And I'm back online!! Thank you thank you thank you!! :)


Thanks so much for your help...this worked just great on my daughter's computer


I followed all the directions in the main article. It did not fix the problem yet.

Then I applied:
"open registry editor and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\NlaSvc.
Edit this key´s pemissions, adding user SYSTEM and giving Total Control to this user (add also local Administrators group with Total Control if not in the list)".

I also did:
"netsh winsock reset" in the cmd prompt run as adminstrator, and then rebooting the computer.

This worked wonderfully. Thank you to all who have made the suggestions.


Amazing just amazing thank you so much for this post. It did the trick and i read it over the phone so my girlfriend could do it at home while i was at work and she understood the directions THANK YOU again


For those who didn't solve the issue, this has worked for me after trying everything:

- open registry editor and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\NlaSvc. Edit this key´s pemissions, adding user SYSTEM and giving Total Control to this user (add also local Administrators group with Total Control if not in the list)
- start Network Location Awareness service


Didn't work for me. I still get the same error. Thanks for tying. I'm glad it worked for some.

Colin Beckman


Jennifer Lord

This is what I get after this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. create an association in the control associations something i have a migraine & cant think right now???? This is what I get after doing this

First, open an administrator command prompt by typing cmd into the start menu search box, and hit the Ctrl+Shift+Enter key combination.

To take ownership of the file, you'll need to use the takeown command.

At the command prompt type: takeown /f c:\windows\system32\nlasvc.dll


I'm on day three with this problem. I've tried dozens of things. If someone has suggested it on the internet, I've probably tried it. Nothing helps. My System Restore won't work. My firewalls are down. My DCHP client won't start. I can't connect to the internet. I don't have a Vista DVD or I would happily reinstall the whole thing. If I buy Windows 7, will that fix the problem? I'd be furious if I installed it and still had this evil error message.

tenis supra

I like you on facebook and follow through google reader!


Also for me I tried all the above and it did not work out...

Then and fortunately, also the reset option in CDM when run as admin worked perfectly.. thanks so much

use 'netsh winsock reset' in the cdm

Andy P

This has just worked for me, fantastic, well done and many thanks for posting.


Unfortunately I have tried all your suggestions and it is still not working. I am running Vista, but use McAfee Total 2011.
When I checked the nlasvc.dll it was on automatic, but I could not start it manually, so I replaced the file etc. I still get the same message together with limited activity. I think the problem started after the latest Vista update (20.10.2011).

lee bernstein

netsh winsock reset WORKED!!
And I don't know almost anything about the behind the scenes working of a computer.
Lucky I found this site on my 1st try and zeroed into this solution.


so I'm an idiot but how do you download if you can't get connected? :) I copied file to a flashdrive and all went smoothly until I restarted then got the same error message. Am I to delete the .OLD file? Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Thank you so much!!!!! Worked like a charm! You should get an award!


I opened cmd and typed it in and its saying "error: the current logged on user does not have ownership privileges on the file...."
I don't know if I'm doing it right. Please help.


This worked! thank you.


1. open an administrator command prompt (right click command prompt clicking run as admin
2. type netsh winsock reset in the command prompt and
3. reboot.

this worked for me
(mine still says connection unknown but im still connecting to my internet, luckly this a home pc) hope this helps


Thanks for that information. That was really helping.


Good instructions, although ctrl_shift_enter didn't work. I had to right click on command prompt in the accessories folder in order to continue as admin. Still internet is giving me a message that says that the error message could not be found! Weird. I am going to start again and put everything back the way it was.


Your site is a dream...you have no idea how many machines i run into with this issue. Did need to add the netsh winsock reset set to resolve but all worked like a dream thank you again


everything was fine, following instructions until.....How do I download the new file from Internet?

Bill Fogle

Folowed every step carefully. It didn't work.


I carefully worked through the recommended steps and managed to drop in the new .dll file after renaming the old one, but rebooting yielded no improvement. The error is still happening. Fortunately, I can connect to the internet, but "the dependency group or service fail[s] to start."


Does this work for Windows 7?


Great..its worked perfectly, thanks


After literally over 9 hours of this issue and following EVERY option I found through Google... I am laughing at myself! What I would do first NOW is to make sure all services needed for WLAN AutoConfig are running! (Running Vista)The services I need running are: Extensible Authentication Protocol, CNG Key Isolation, Remote Procedure Call, DCOM Server Process Launcher, and WLAN AutoConfig.

Good luck!


Hi, I followed everything to a "T" but nothing worked. Then I tried a simple system restore and now I'm back in business!


Thanks for this valuable posts,it worked perfectly.


Im having trouble, im getting the message - ERROR: The current logged on user does not have ownership privileges on the file "c:\windows\system32\nlasvc.dll"


I can't open the cmd as administrator - the same error message comes up! argh!

zhang jing

thank you so much. It worked after the netsh winsock reset cmd. Really appreciate your help on this.


If you're having an invalid perm your username might have spaces in it. Put quotations around your username.

C:\windows\system32\nlasvc.dll /G "my username has at least one space":F

To rename at the DOS prompt:
C:\Windows\System32>rename nlasvc.dll nlasvc.dll.old


Thank you!!! I missed the step about the 'netsh winsock reset' but after I typed that in it worked fine. It even seemed to speed up my girlfriend netbook overall. Great post, thanks again.


how do i change the name of the file? to dll.old???


Great info. Worked like a charm exactly as you had it spelled out. No issues with your instructions. Thanks a ton for sharing.


typing "netsh winsock reset" in the adminstrator cmd prompt, and then rebooting the computer, worked like a charm!!!

Thanks alot everyone, and special thanks for taking the time and typing the post :)


Hammy, there is a space between NT and Service


Just follow the instruction plus netsh winsock reset... you can do it!


Please help me.

When i Type NTSERVICE\TrustedInstaller and Ok,

it tell me - The following object is not from a domain listed in the Select Location dialog box and is therefore not valid: NTSERVICE\TrustedIntsaller

What should i do to solve this?


Thank you so much! It worked. I did exactly what you said in the post and followed what Colin did in regards to typing: netsh winsock reset in the command prompt and restarting my computer. I did change the nlasvc.dll to nlasvc.dll.old.
I am so glad I found this blog...
I hope this stays working now :)


What changes to this fix would exist on a Windows 7 system?


It work great for me. Just follow the original post above.
Then type: netsh winsock reset in the command prompt and restart your computer.

I think typing: " netsh winsock reset " did the job for me.

Basically, you have reset network back to original state. I did not even have to change the nlasvc.dll to nlasvc.dll.old.

It work try it. Thanks.


netsh winsock reset - perfect thanks

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