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October 20, 2009


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DDs Central

This fixed the crash issue on Windows 7. I didn't have to run the game in compatibility mode, just enabled Stereo Mix.


For me all I had to do was Enable the sound.


Thanks this worked great


Seems to work. Good man nice job.


It worked for me after restarting windows! Thank you!


Dave look around on google.. the fix for fall out 3 on W7 is easyli done, you have to edit some lines in a document.. this fix enables Fall out 3 to run on computers with more than two cores or two treahds.. that is if your problems with the game is that it crashes after a short while of playing.. search for Fall out 3 W7 fix.. and you will find the answer on a forum somewhere, dont remember the place.


Ah, man.
Stereo Mix didn't show up. I'm very sorry to bother you, but do you know any ways this might've happened?

Patrick Wu

I don't have a stereo mix, but I have a Waveout mix instead, is that why it doesn't work for me?


Wow it works like a charm, thanks mate


Worked for me, Thanks


I don't have a realtech sound card, so this doesn't work. Any way to get it to work without a specific sound card?


Thank you! but I have a windows 7 home premium, and it worked just fine for me... Thanks anyway!


I had the same problem. I searched and found your fix. Works like a charm! Many thanks!

callum wood

Hey would this work for fallout 3 as well? Because that also doesnt work on Win7.


Thanks alot for this fix!!


Bioshock worked fine in W7 RC but when I installed W7 Home Premium, it wouldn't run. Followed these instructions and all is well again.



Thank you very much. It solved the problem!


I couldn't find Stereo Mix under the Recording tab. I tried the Compatibility setting, but the game still doesn't run.


Thank you very much kind sir! Tried loads of stuff before this, but this sorted the problem on the first try!

Yay! :D


Mine was compatibility mode for vista
And i had to disable one of my playback devices, so that the only 1 left was my speakers

Now it work

Thanks alot


Man, it worked! And it was so easy! Thanks!

I see a lot of others with this problem. You should post a link to this page in the Windows 7 forum for Bioshock and others:



For me it was all about the "Compatibility mode for Vista". Thanks for the great troubleshooting.

Dan Sauter

Right on, fixed my problem!

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