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June 16, 2010


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gringa girl

Thanks so much. Just mounted an iPod holder thing on my scooter and experienced the same problem. Thought I had wasted my money but you saved the day.


Thank you for this post! I was prepared to throw money at an expensive mount.


Thanks! Frustrating ride to work today. Knew there had to be a quick fix for this... :)


You are a genius!! I've spent six months stopping at the side of the road on my bike cursing the damn thing when all it was was a tiny setting. Cheers much appreciated

biker helmets

Thanks for info,
I can fix my issue now.

Keisha Dawn

Thank you for this information! I was trying to figure out the same thing and google sent me to your blog. Now I can run, workout , ride bike with no songs skipping on the IPhone. Blessings.


Have had the same problem in my car, Ian, when hitting bumps. Now I know the solution! Thanks.

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