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September 12, 2010


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Steve Morris

I've researched these on the net and find that a wired in version is probably preferable. Do you have a review or any opinion on the website I've put in the box you provided/ thanks.

westbury toyota

Although using your cellphone while driving isn't advisable in the first place, getting devices that will lessen the distraction would be a better option than nothing at all. Use it only if you absolutely must though.

toyota long island

I guess this could work out if you're really into Bluetooth. But with so many releases since then, there are just too much better alternatives.

cars bought for cash

How will this device fare for Blackberries? Sounds like a good deal for $40 though.


I just struggled with snttieg up ActiveSync over Bluetooth with my T-Mobile Dash. I had an issue with getting the ActiveSync service to show up on my Dash. I'd pair the devices but when going to sync up it'd say something like there is no PC running ActiveSync . Anyway, I reinstalled ActiveSync AFTER snttieg up all of my Bluetooth drivers and such on my PC. Then when I re-paired the devices it actually gave me the ActiveSync service on the Dash. Hopefully that helps someone out there!

iphone car kit

How will this device fare for Blackberries? Sounds like a good deal for $40 though.

car loans

Is this an official product or an OEM one? I think this is an aftermarket car.

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