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December 05, 2010


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I too agree that "Cloud" computing as a name will be nrauod for a while, but the problem is from a technical standpoint we all know (as IBMers or) techies what it is and that it encompasses many things from the architecture to the off-site storage, on-demand web apps, Web2.0 et-all, but the main issue is that the "public" don't understand the concepts, the processes or the uses, they only understand the offf-site storage & more recently (due possibly to Apple) the sync possibilies. Looking at it from that point of view, the "naming" should maybe refer to what people already understand -> Hardware is the touchy-feely stuff physical and tactile.Software is the thing that makes the touchy-feely stuff come to life & do things.Middleware although more advanced, is the stuff that makes the software do even more with the hardware, So why not keep to the same lines? Air-WareIf it's marketed and described properly & well implemented & integrated then there is no reason why a naming convention along the lines of "air-ware" could not be adopted. It has the implication of being something thats there and we can't see it but we CAN use it. Just my two-penny worth

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