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November 20, 2011


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Success -- thanks to this website. Had challenge finding the correct GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk -- as many would fail the install -- and had to also add SyncSettings.apk in order to complete the sync of my gmail contacts -- but now the native Contacts app for the Fire shows/syncs ALL my contact information including the notes field. I used the same procedure described in the article -- adding Dropbox first -- and ES File Explorer. Thanks to this website and Ian -- my Fire has now become the useful device that I was hoping for when I bought it. Thanks so much "ConsiderItFixed"


Still looking for an answer to my Nov 26 question -- do the changes suggested in this article cause a complete syncing of ALL contact information -- including the "notes" field?

Ian Warhaftig

Hersey - My experience with running Google apps in the Silk (Fire) browser has been somewhat disappointing. The browser tells Google that it's a mobile device. So, by default, you see the mobile view of Google apps. I also experienced some problems in landscape view where the editing windows in gmail slides out of position so that you can't see what you are typing.



Hersey Katahdin

Very interesting and informative post - thank you.

At this time I'm just investigating various tablets. Thinking its time to replace my smartphone (original droid) with a tablet for applications and use a real cell phone for calls.

Even tho I use the google android apps, I much rather use the web based apps (except for calendar - use calendar pad app on droid)

Does the fire browser run the google web apps?


Ian Warhaftig

I believe that the answer to your question is yes. The notes field is sync'd.


Great information BUT need a little more clarification. Do the Google files you added provide for complete syncing of ALL contact information -- including the "notes" field -- not just email address and phone numbers? My biggest disappointment in the Fire is that I can't find a way to get ALL my Google contact information synced so that it is available even when the Fire is not wifi-connected.

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