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September 30, 2012


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Great article. My connection with Comcast has been horrible at best. I too have the Aris modem with built in router.

It seemed my connection was going down 10 times a day but all the lights were on the modem box.

I never ran a speed test but spoke with my next door neighbor last night and he was sharing similar problems.

The difference is that he never contacted Comcast and I have had Comcast techs out 4 times this week. They changed boxes, connections and climbed poles.

My neighbor is a techie and believes there is a problem with Comcasts DNS. He suggested I use Googles DNS.

The Aris Modem/router does not allow a change but you can make the change on each computer. After I did that last night I see a HUGE speed difference AND i have not got down at all.

With fingers crossed, I think he helped me solve a MAJOT problem

Although you can't

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